Please be advised that sports will be offered in a limited capacity this year due to COVID-19.

All games and activities will take place at our club locations.

Athletics Calendar to view program schedules.




Our Soccer program is a partnership through the Indian River Soccer Academy (IRSA).

Members ages 6-15 can participate in the program. Age divisions are U8 Boys, U9/U10 Boys, U9/U10 Girls, U11/U12 Boys, U11/U12 Girls, and U13/U15 coed.

All practices will be held at the club.

Jerseys will be provided and purchased through the club.

All-Star Flag Football



All-Star Flag Football is a fall sport for members in 3rd to 8th grade. Our co-ed league runs for 8 weeks.

All games and practice will be held during Club hours at the member’s respective Club while all games will be held at the Vero Club.

All jerseys will be provided and must be purchased through the club.



Our BGC All-Star Basketball League is a spring sport open to 2nd to 8th graders and is co-ed.

All practice will be held at the member’s club location.

Jerseys will be provided. All Jerseys must be purchase through the club.




Our Swimming program is a partnership with Float Hope of Indian River County, led by Jeff Powers.

Our swim team meets for mandatory swim practices three days a week and coaches require members attend at least 75 percent of practices for a month. Swim is a yearly program.

Transportation for the swim members will be provided to and from the pool. Parents are welcome to watch the practice.

Once a new member is committed to the swim team, they will be provided swim gear. Spots are very limited. Please check with the Athletic Director for availability.



S.N.A.G Program
(Starting New At Golf)

Our Golf program is a late spring/summer sport geared toward 4th and 5th graders.

Our Golf program is a partnership with S.N.A.G. Golf and teaches the basics of golf.

The golf program is a 4 week program which takes place two days a week.



Our tennis program is a partnership with Mardy Fish Children's Foundation.

Tennis is a fall sport. It is open to members in 4th & 5th grade.

The season will carry on for 6 weeks and will end with a Tournament.

Each club has limited spots. Please check with the Athletic Director for availability.