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Destinations Checkpoints

8th Grade

Want to get a head start? Check out the MBTI profiler on 16 personalities.

Make sure you sign up for Florida Shines! This resource has information specific to graduating high school and potential paths in Florida after you graduate.

Take the Career Clusters interest survey to see where your future might be!

9th Grade

Start exploring what's out there with this website.

Take a look at the Occupational Outlook too!

Thinking about college? This guy has all the answers.

10th Grade

It's never to early to start practicing for the SAT or ACT, or to even explore your options. Take a look here.

What are Florida's career clusters? Check them out here.

11th Grade

Exploring what schools are right for you? Check this out!

Still not sure how to build a resume? Check out this link here!

12th Grade
Post Grad

Connect with us on our Alumni page here!