We Want You to Come Back to Us Nice and Healthy,
So Follow These Tips!

Staying Healthy is About More Than Just Washing Your Hands and Covering Your Mouth. Everything We Do Impacts Our Bodies!

Do You know what happens when you sleep?


Your body uses the time while you sleep to recharge and refresh. Did you know that most kids need between 10-11 hours of sleep each night? Check out this link to see all the thing your body does while you sleep. I bet you'd be surprised!


Staying active also helps our muscles and our brains stay in shape and ready to fight off infections. It also helps you concentrate better, makes you feel happier, and helps you get to sleep when you need to.

resp hygiene kids blow nose and elbow (1)

Stopping the spread of germs is important to not just you, but everyone around you too! Humans are all different, and we react to germs differently too. You might have a mild cold from one germ, and that same germ could make someone else very sick. This is why washing our hands and covering our mouths is important!


Food is fuel for our bodies, so what you eat impacts how your body reacts. If you were to put milk in a car, it wouldn't go very far. If we put the wrong food in our bodies, they also won't go very far. It's important for us to eat the right foods to provide us with energy throughout the day.
You can learn even more about healthy eating here!